About Jeff

…. from sunny South Carolina ….


Jeff began his career as a photojournalist in 1980, which is the foundation and look of the work he currently pursues. Since 1990, his ability to anticipate and capture his subjects in candid moments brings sparkle to his images in editorial, corporate and advertising assignments.
“I’m as comfortable photographing inside a surgical suite as I am in a CEO’s office.” Jeff says, “Frankly, I thrive on variety.”

It is that variety that makes Jeff fun to work with. In addition to his excellent portrayal of people in the workplace and the details associated with it, he appreciates the culinary arts and truly enjoys the challenges of food photography that make the presentation both beautiful and appetizing. ” Okay,” Jeff says, ” I’m a foodie … can’t help it. I learned to cook when I was 12 years old.”

What makes Jeff’s photographs stand-out are how he sees and uses light, composition and his ability to easily connect with the folks he works with. Recently he was asked what makes being a photographer special to him, he said, ” When I have a camera in my hands, time seems to slow down, the noise disappears and it’s, well, a great place to be.”

Recently, Jeff has created a body of unique abstract photography that goes beyond the boundaries of the daily advertising, commercial and editorial work. It has expanded his vision into a world of color and light rarely seen as photographs. ” It was thrilling to discover this,” he said, ” It just makes photography more fun, more of the time.”